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About Us

About Battleline Industries
Located in the foothills of Colorado, Battleline Industries was created with the mindset and goal of developing and manufacturing high quality innovative combat products in the form of uniforms, equipment, and weapons components, all designed to enhance the war fighters overall capability and absolute mission success. The Battleline Industries founder and associates account for over 25 years combined military, law enforcement, and private security experience.

We at Battleline thrive on CONSTRUCTIVE feedback from our customers, for this is what makes us better and able to evolve to the ever changing need on the battlefield that you are exposed to. We are committed to building the best gear available, accomplished by working with you, the operator, and valuing your experience on the BATTLELINE.

Our Mission Statement
To develop American made, innovative combat solutions for the quiet professional.
Core Values
Battleline Industries is a God centered, faith based company that commits to doing business with honesty, integrity, loyalty, as well as a commitment to exceptional quality of product, self-improvement, and attention to detail.
The People
I would like to thank my wonderful wife and family for their unending support and love without them this would have been impossible.
Thank you for believing in me, the company Battleline Industries and the products we are developing.